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Environmental Education

Are you a school, teacher or organization that is looking to create climate/environmental awareness? Allow AbadTak to do it for you

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Youth Consortium

Are you a group of young motivated individuals wanting to take on climate action in Pakistan? Join the AbadTak youth consortium to make a difference

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Environmental Bookclub

Are you a book worm? Interested in philosophy and discussion? Join our environmental book club and explore the musings of others

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Environmental Education Resources

Are you a passionate educator wanting to integrate environmental education into your classrooms? 

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AbadTak is a social enterprise for environmental education that aims to arm individuals and communities with the skills they need to address anthropogenic challenges.

By reacquainting individuals with the natural world in an otherwise capitalized society, we will harness love for and curiosity about nature. Encouraging society to develop responsible behaviors and caring attitudes toward it.

How and why

It recognizes the gap between the scientific community, media and schools on climate science.

To address this, we will work with school networks, teachers and children, in low fee schools and private institutions by offering curriculums, workshops and teacher training for sustainable development in Pakistan.

  • The environmentally literate individual has the knowledge, disposition, commitment and skills that both motivate and enable environmentally responsible action.

  • The worth of education must now be measured against the standards of decency and human survival.

    David Orr
  • The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers – people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely. 

    E.O Wilson

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If you are interested to work with or partner with us to make a difference please get in touch! Whether you are a school, college, teacher, student or government official.

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