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Where it all began

What is Abadtak?

AbadTak is a Social Enterprise that aims to create environmental awareness amongst individuals and communities, and encourage them to develop responsible behaviors and caring attitudes toward it.


By using the power of education and engagement Abadtak aims to advance environmental literacy and civic engagement for sustainability.

We aim to empower and prepare individuals with the knowledge & skills they need in order to address anthropogenic challenges & harbour earth stewardship through re-engagement with nature.


  1. To become the leader in environmental education in developing world contexts
  2. To incorporate our programs at the national level
  3. To support public and private organizations to adopt green practices


It aims to

  • reacquaint the youth and communities with the natural world in an otherwise capitalized society
  • harness love for and curiosity about nature
  • develop caring attitudes and behavior to all around them
  • arm them with the skills they need to address anthropogenic challenges
  • create a youth network of change makers

Harness love for and curiosity about nature


Awaken critical consciousness


Begin problem solving journey


Develop innovative solutions


Create global changemakers


Live in a sustainable world



Abadtak will work with school networks, teachers, youth led organizations and children, in low fee schools and private institutions by offering curriculums, workshops and teacher trainings.

To support an ecosystem that promotes responsible environmental behaviors, AbadTak will provide consultancy to private and public firms who wish to adopt green practices and promote their corporate social responsibility.
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