E.E Workshops

Increasing access to environmental education

Why is environmental education important?

Exposure to environmental courses are crucial

Studies have shown that exposure to environmental concepts are extremely important for the adoption of environment-related attitudes and behaviors. 

Most individuals actually harbor misconceptions about environmental issues. Environmental conceptions and experiences can be enhanced through planned and effective environmental education programs.

We at AbadTak offer

Environmental education workshops

According to your institutions goals and needs, we offer environmental workshops and courses curated for your target audience.

Primary years (grades 2 to 8)

Earth science

Earth Science is a combination of social and introductory biological science subjects and thus it lays the foundations for subjects such as biology and other social sciences where students learn about the Earth and its systems.

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Secondary years (grades 8 and above)

Understanding and mitigating climate change

This workshops series will create a clear understanding of climate change and SDGs. A problem solving journey, it will assist and push participants to develop innovative or simple solutions to local climate induced issues.

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Teacher training

Climate educator training programme

In collaboration with Innovate.Educate.Inspire (IEI) Pakistan, a teacher training on environmental education will be provided to teachers. They will be provided various resources and tools to take this learning journey forward.

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More People

More impact

The more workshops we conduct,

the more children and individuals we interact with,

the greater the ripple effect for change.

Words From Clients

  • “My 9 year old son attended the Earth Science Workshop. As a parent, I was impressed to hear that the teacher had a degree in Environmental Education! Who could be a better person to learn from?! Over the course of the three day program, my son was introduced to new terms and concepts, some of which continue to fascinate him. He particularly enjoyed the segment on rocks and by the end of the program, he considered himself to be an authority on the history of Planet Earth! Workshops like these are key – for children, parents and teachers alike.”

    Tanya Zafar Khan
  • I consider myself lucky to be an associate of the climate training cohort. Fortune favoured me to taste the mentoring of Azal Zahir, Marvsi Soomro , Dr. Fozia Parveen and Radhika Lyengar 🌸 We delved deep into the concept of climate science, the significance of empathy building, the enigma behind soil, designing and tailoring our classes and more! 

    Anum Kabir
    Participant teacher
  • “My daughter had the pleasure to get enrolled in Ms Azal Zahir’s Earth Sciences introductory class. It was a great experience and allowed my lil one to have a jump start on various concepts, which would, hopefully, sow the seeds of curiosity, fascination and also inculcate a lifelong learning attitude in her. Moreover, Azal has a cheerful demeanor and a friendly way of teaching. My daughter is very shy, but I could see her opening up.”

  • The training and the CCSS introduced me to climate change with a new perspective – even though I was aware of its gravity, I lacked concrete knowledge about it. The other participants, the facilitators, and the mentors were all a great help throughout, as each introduced me to ideas I would’ve never thought about alone. Their suggestions, recommendations, and feedback proved to be the most important while conducting the CCSS!

    Amna Mazhar
    Participant teacher
  • “My daughter Leah signed up with Ms Azal from Chicago for the 2 month Earth Science program and loved every minute of it! Very few teachers encourage children to articulate their own opinions and thoughts but with Azal the kids thrived! They learnt about the big bang, the solar system and went on to use critical thinking and investigation tools making the class interactive! Leah took her rock collection one day and made good friends during this course as well! I highly recommend this course.”

    Maheen Adamjee
  • “Ismail had a great time and was always excited for Azal’s sessions. This has definitely enhanced his knowledge base. Thank you so much!”

    Talala Shahbaz
  • “Thank you so much, It was really a great experience. Ibrahim loved it and enjoyed it a lot would definitely love to hear about more classes!”

    Asiya Baig
  • “Thank you so much ! The class was lovely and informative and it’s just what Zahin needed! He will definitely miss it. He has learnt a lot and often gives us tit bits of information !! If you ever decide to do another session or choose another subject to teach then we’d love to do it again!”

    Nadia Merchant
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