IEI x AbadTak Climate Educator Training

Innovate Educate Inspire (IEI) along with AbadTak conducted their first ever Climate Educator Training as part of the World Wide Teach-In with Bard College, New York, in March 2022.



As part of the World-Wide Teach In with Bard College, Innovate Educate Inspire (IEI) Pakistan and AbadTak, conducted its first ever Climate Educator Training Workshops.

AbadTak led the Environment segment of the series, while IEI provided Design Thinking training.

The World-Wide Teach In is an initiative begun by Bard College as part of its Solve Climate 2030 project. The Teach-In calls on educators to hold a series of talks on or around 29th March (i.e Earth day).

As part of the Teach-In, Innovate Educate Inspire (IEI) Pakistan and AbadTak collaborated to create a Climate Educator Training series. its first ever Climate Educator Training Workshops.

As part of the training, teachers were supposed to conduct their own Children’s Climate Solutions Summit (CCSS) around Earth day.


The purpose of this training workshop was to collaborate with teachers already on the ground, who were motivated to teach about climate change and sustainable development.

The training was geared towards encouraging students to become agents of change, rather than passive listeners. The objective was to encourage the teachers to organize their own Children Climate Solutions Summit (CCSS) within their schools.

The training workshop was to:

1) Provide teachers with the skills and tools to lead  activities for sustainable education

2) To bolster climate education by training teachers already on the ground through a throughly designed digital program

3) To provide carefully curated resources to participants

4) To impart progressive pedagogical tactics in the classroom and;

5) To encourage students to become agents of change

About the series


Conducted virtually, each workshop was carefully curated to take forward a vision to create global change makers.

Teachers were provided with a robust tool kit with all the resources they would need to carry the CCSS forward. This includes versatile worksheets, links to videos, slides and more! They were then asked to design their own lesson plans and CCSS structure and were provided feedback in 1:1 sessions with IEI Founder Marvi and AbadTak Founder Azal.

Students will be encouraged to think critically, assess the problems associated with climate change and innovate solutions in local contexts. 

About the participants

With seven registrations from Teach for Pakistan, the workshop began on 19th March 2022. Participants hailed from various parts of Pakistan including Chitral, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur and Rawalpindi. Largely working with grades 6 – 8, most of these teachers were working in underprivileged schools.

What participants say

"These workshops were quite eye opening for me. I went in with the assumption that I would have to make my students aware of the climate issue but this is something they were internally aware and conscious of. In fact, what they needed was direction on their scale to solve climate problems. Which is what the Climate Educator Training Program was able to provide me. Once we started brainstorming, my students came up with incredible ideas that were innovative yet contextually relevant."
Kainaat Jah
Participant Teacher


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