Youth Consortium

Together we can
Connecting Pakistani youth

Youth consortium

Are you a group of young motivated individuals preparing for social impact?


Are you a youth led organization looking for mentorship and support?


Do you have an idea or solution for environmental degradation?



What we offer

A support system
  • A carefully curated workshop series to provide skills needed to take your own and Abadtak’s project forward 
  • Connection to a vast youth led network across Pakistan that supports each other
  • Mentoring opportunities from our network including from NYU, Bard College, Columbia College, UNSDSN, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and more
  • Resources and Programmatic Design Mentorship for your organization
What you will gain

Member benefits

A stepping stone to your future

  • Networking opportunities with professors at NYU, Columbia, Bard, UN-SDSN and more
  • Match volunteers to the specific skills they need
  • Build your personal profile for college applications
  • Mentorship for streamlining and creating greater impact with your organization
  • Gain personal experience to enter the real world
  • Become a leader in your initiative global recognition through events such as the World Wide Teach In
  • Show case your work on Abadtak and partner organizations' websites and social media
  • National recognition 

How it works

Join our youth consortium by contacting us and registering your youth organization

Phase 01

Establishing a connection

After establishing a connection, Abadtak will engage with your team and determine your organization goals. After a thorough discussion between both parties, needs will be established and a plan charted out. 

Phase 02

Undergoing skills training

Based on identified objectives and timeline, a training will be undertaken with mentorship and networking opportunities.

Members will identify a final outcome based on the training.

Phase 03

Follow up and discussion sessions

Following the training, monthly meetings will be held to follow up on final outcome as well providing any further support. This is an opportunity to reflect on strategies and impact.

Phase 04

Graduation to Abadtak membership

A final presentation will take place of your final outcome. This could be in the form of a summit, with other partner organizations present. From here you will officially become a member of Abdtak Youth Consortium.