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Managing Disaster Risks in Chitral Valley

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Client: Dawn Newspaper “I have never seen it rain like this, at this time of year,” Masoodul Mulk, one of the descendants of the last Mehtar (prince) of Chitral and development practitioner now heading the Sarhad Rural Support […]

Coronavirus — An Opportunity?

Client: Daily Times 30th April 2020 The recent viral photographs and videos of a leopard prowling Margalla Road has people mesmerised. WWF-Pakistan has indeed confirmed the descent of species such as the porcupine, barking deer, wild boar, fox […]

Off The Grid But On The Ground

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Client: The Friday Times17th October 2017   What might the future spell if we continue with ‘business as usual’? The new human era, dubbed the anthropocene, has hit up against into frightening new boundaries. We have broken too many […]

Looking for Remedies to Our Water Woes

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Client: Daily Times10th May 2019 “We have been in the business of building, neglecting and rebuilding instead of building and maintaining,” poignantly stated Arif Nadeem, the former Punjab irrigation secretary. He was speaking at the Consortium for Development […]
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