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Managing Disaster Risks in Chitral Valley

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Client: Dawn Newspaper “I have never seen it rain like this, at this time of year,” […]

Coronavirus — An Opportunity?

Client: Daily Times 30th April 2020 The recent viral photographs and videos of a leopard prowling […]

Off The Grid But On The Ground

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Client: The Friday Times17th October 2017   What might the future spell if we continue with ‘business […]

Looking for Remedies to Our Water Woes

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Client: Daily Times10th May 2019 “We have been in the business of building, neglecting and rebuilding […]

It’s Raining, It’s pouring, Our Government is Snoring

Client: Daily Times 10th July 2018 It is baffling that Pakistan’s urban planners have still not […]

Wasteful Fashion

Client: Daily Times 19th March 2018 As spring is upon us, it heralds not only a […]
urban footprint

What We Are Ignoring About Our Urban Heat Footprint

Client: The Friday Times More than half of the global population resides in cities. It is […]

Plastic or Planet?

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Client: The News International As Rachel Carson, the author of ‘Silent Spring’, rightfully says: “[ours is […]